V: The Legacy of Sheila Varian

Here’s the true story of legendary horse woman Sheila Varian, an Arroyo Grande native, in this new documentary film shot on the eve of her 60th Anniversary as a world-famous horse breeder and trainer.

In a twist-and-turn adventure, the film walks viewers through the epic story of Sheila’s life, including never-before-seen footage and pictures from her early years.

Walk alongside a young Sheila as she learns from famous mentors and carries life-long frienships. Ride with her as she breaks world-records to a stunned audience of 15,000 people. Feel the exhilaration of watching her first three Arabian mares steps off the trailer after their overseas trip from Poland in 1961. Share her hurts, struggles and ultimate triumphs from walking a road less traveled. Be swept away by the beauty of her stallions that changed the Arabian breed forever. And most of all, be inspired by what can happen when you dig deep to follow your calling, and end up changing the world.

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