Tips on Selling your Horse

Selling a horse in current market can seem like a difficult task. Through our experience we recommend that you employ some of the helpful tips below:


Photos Professional photos are the best, a good photographer knows how to capture the best attributes of the horse amateur photos can be effective as well, but make sure to consider:

  • Wash and/or brush your horse before the shoot
  • Make sure there is proper lighting or sunlight
  • Consider the background when shooting
  • Try to make sure your horse is in the best mood for photos

Video Consider all of the above and:

  • Upload your video to youtube or vimeo for easy sharing
  • Keep a copy of the video file in .wmv or .mov formats. (Some countries cannot view youtube or vimeo videos)


Pricing Pricing your horse can sometimes be very difficult. A lot of times you want to price your horse based upon what you have invested in the horse. Calculating price using this method may result in the price of your horse being too high for active buyers in this market. We encourage you to ask around for what your colleagues are selling their horses for, but sometimes these numbers can be inflated for some reason or another. You can always try this handy tool as well. Negotiations Before you list your horse anywhere, know your bottom-line selling  price. Your asking price should be no more than 25% above your bottom-line price. Most sellers will not  make you an offer if your asking price is completely out of their budget range. In addition, thinking about your bottom-line price beforehand is essential when entertaining offers. You should be able to respond swiftly to inquiries. If you don’t respond to inquiries quickly, buyers tend to explore other options.


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